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Varietease  - June 29th


Live at 215 Performance Art Theater

(Home of the new Loony Bin)

Special Guests: "Oh my Harlot....Clementine",
Hex The Doom Bunny - Magic
Katie - Comedy
Gaia - Hula Hoops
Liesl Diesel - Bellydance
The Brothers Grime - Sideshow ...and more!

Purchase tix here:

Under the Big Top  - September 13th

@ The Elbow Room

We are happy to announce a show that we've been waiting to put on for you, "Under the Big Top", a circus themed night!

Rumble Car Show  - September 27th


More details at
12:00 to 6:30 PM
508 S. Commerce St just south of Intrust Arena

*live girly shows!

*tasty grub!

*live music!

*the 6th Annual Miss Rumble Pin Up Pageant!

*art show & the Go Away Garage!

*custom one-of-a-kind trophies---works of art!

Halloween - October 31st


Live at 215 Performance Art Theater

(Home of the new Loony Bin)

About This Group

Wichita Burlesque is a theatrical dance troupe that strives to bring a highly artistic, sexually  charged and empowering art form back to Wichita. With building self-confidence, welcoming diversity and having fun as our main group goals, we intend to give back to the community with fundraising and donations prominently going toward the women’s shelters in the Wichita area.

What is Burlesque?

Burlesque was an Italian art form before being adopted by the French, who molded burlesque into what you may know of it, today. Derived from the Latin word burra, or "trifle", the original acts were musical and theatrical parody & very much about social commentary.

It wasn't until the 20th century American performances that striptease became associated with the word "burlesque", & adult entertainment became the driving force of these shows, though certainly 1890's Paris and the Moulin Rouge were where burlesque stripping was born.

Today as it was in the early 20th century vaudeville performances, burlesque is as much about the wit and humor of the tease, as it is about the tease itself. In recent years, large cities across the nation have seen a resurgence in interest for this very snarky, very sexy art form. This is "stripping even your wife would enjoy".

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